Search Engines for Internships & Jobs

Gaining experience is essential for a successful career search.  Explore national and industry-specific search engines to look for jobs and internship opportunities. 

When you look for internships or jobs, make sure that you safeguard yourself by keeping the following information in mind. 

Seven ways to safeguard yourself

  1. Never use your personal bank account for your employer’s — or potential employer’s — business transactions.
  2. Remember, during your job/internship search you are selecting a potential employer. You should ask yourself, “What would I like to know about them? What can I learn about the organization before my interview?” Scammers count on people being so grateful to have a job/internship offer that they don’t ask questions.
  3. Be suspicious if you are offered a position without an interview.
  4. Don’t let your compassion override common sense. If a business owner has an emergency, no matter how dire, they should not rely on a college student they have never even met to keep their business operating.
  5. Never share your personal passwords or banking information with an employer — or potential employer. (Arrangements for direct deposit or paycheck should be made during your first day or week of actual employment on site — not before.)
  6. Verify that the email address of the potential employer matches the company they represent. Someone with hiring authority from a company should not contact you via a Gmail account because most legitimate employers have a company email account.
  7. Contact the Internship and Career Center at if you are suspicious about a job or internship offer. We are here to help.

Don’t let these scams detract you from using Handshake or applying for jobs and internships. A very small percentage of all job postings are fraudulent. For additional information, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

National Search Engine for Internships & Jobs

Industry-Specific Search Engines for Internships & Jobs



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Non-Profit / Government




  • Broward Interns
    Find internships specifically for veterans
  • VA On-the-Job Trainings and Apprenticeship
    Matches job seekers that hold active or current Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Energy security clearances to hiring employers and recruiters looking for skilled cleared candidates
  • Recruit Military
    An online networking solution for U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines that are currently transitioning from the military as well as veterans with varying amounts of business experience
  • ClearedJobs.Net
    A growing job board for professionals with security clearances looking for jobs in the defense and intelligence community
  • Feds hire vets
    Federal employment information for Veterans, transitioning service members, and their families
  • Veterans Jobs Mission
    A list of over 140 companies looking to hire veterans
  • Grow with Google
    For military service members and their spouses. A tool to search “jobs for veterans” on Google and enter your military occupational specialty code (MOS, AFSC, NEC or rating) to see relevant civilian jobs
  • Veterans Job Search Guide
    A veteran’s guide to job hunting in the civilian world
  • Veterans Healthcare Career Pathways
  • My Next Move for Veterans
    This site gives you a quick overview of what skills, knowledge, personality, education are needed for a career field/job title.  It also provides a job outlook – whether each career field/job title is likely to have more openings in the future.
  • Military to Civilian Crosswalk
    A site that translates work experiences in the armed force into civilian jobs and positions.