The Wade Companies

Wade Linen Service opened for business as Wade Dry Cleaning Company on July 5, 1939 and has remained a family- run business for 68 years. Starting with only three employees and $200 capital, the business grew rapidly. World War II brought a huge military presence to the Columbus area and the company provided cleaning and alterations for many of these soldiers and civilian newcomers. The family automobile was utilized as a delivery vehicle during these early days as clothes were serviced during the day and deliveries made after the sun went down. As the business continued to thrive, a linen and uniform rental service was added in 1952 allowing the company to grow at a faster pace. More business meant more space therefore expansion, which tripled the usable space, and this was completed in 1964. Wade now services more than 500 customers throughout Central Georgia, operates a fleet of 11 vehicles and has a workforce of 99 in its 73rd year. Numerous expansions and updates have been made to the facilities, the most recent being Wade Corporate Gifts which started in March 2007 in order to provide advertising and promotional products to community businesses and organizations. “Service” and “Quality” were and continue to be the foundation of all three areas of the company. These ideals and ideas have continued through three generations of the Wade family as our future depends on our good reputation and daily efforts to continually provide the best services to our customers.