Future Ready CSU Career Fair 2021 – Students

The Center for Career Design will be hosting our annual Future Ready CSU Career Fair on Tuesday, September 21 from 9am – 5pm ET in the Multipurpose Room in the Recreation Center. Employers from across all sectors and industries will …

By Amy Edge
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Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What Are They and How Can You Show Them Off in Your Job Search?

There’s no way around it. In your job hunt, your skills matter. They tell potential employers not only what you can do, but how you can do it and even who you are. All your skills can generally be divided …

By Regina Borsellino - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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Statewide Career Fair (Virtual)

Attend this state-wide virtual career fair hosted by the Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers (GACE) to meet local and national employers, find jobs, and/or internships!

By Mariko Izumi
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Future Leaders Competition

Are you driven and motivated, ready to share your ideas and make a difference?

Unilever has the perfect opportunity for you to take part in real business challenges and compete to win cash prizes (we’re talking $4,500!) in their Future …

By Mariko Izumi
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Career Advice for Psychology Majors

Dr. Diana Riser, Associate Profess of Psychology Department, was featured in an article on Zippia, a website that helps you discover new jobs and career paths.   Below is an excerpt from the article, and you can read the full article …

By Center for Experiential Learning & Career Design
Center for Experiential Learning & Career Design
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