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Experiential Education

The Center for Career Development strives to expose students to employers and careers as early and as often as possible for the benefit of the student and the employer. Our office serves as the liaison between academics and employers on behalf of our students.

Locating Experiential Education Opportunities

For internships for academic credit, each college has a designated internship coordinator that can connect you to opportunities based on degree and major. You an also find active internships directly here.

Experiential Education Options – Quick Comparison

Internship* Co-Op Externship
Definition Structured experience employing knowledge from classroom into the real world to develop and learn practical skills that extend over a short period of time. Structured experience relevant to major that extend over a longer period of time; could be full or part time employment Short-term experience based on interest or major shadowing a company/mentor and completing a real-world problem to solve
Time Frame 1 Semester – 150 Hours worked per 3 hour credit course 2 Semesters Minimum 2 -14 Days
Begins in January
Eligibility Juniors & Seniors
Specific College GPA Requirements, usually 3.0+
Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Graduate
2.5+ GPA
Any Student
Academic 1-9 credits On transcript at 0 credit hours per semester Not recorded on transcript
Pay Paid/Unpaid Paid Uncompensated
Point of Contact Internship Coordinator/Faculty Advisor within Academic College Center for Career Development Center for Career Development
Coursework Varies by department Student and Supervisor Survey Problem-solving Presentation