Future Ready CSU Career Fair 2021 – Students

The Center for Career Design will be hosting our annual Future Ready CSU Career Fair on Tuesday, September 21 from 9am – 5pm ET in the Multipurpose Room in the Recreation Center. Employers from across all sectors and industries will be looking for someone like you to fill their open positions. Come learn about the many different roles and companies that want to recruit you for their job openings. Our employers are excited and will be looking forward to speaking with you.

Already got a job? There is no better problem than to have than OPTIONS! You never what what you will be offered. There may be something better in store for you.

More importantly, come explore the possibilities and CREATE YOUR FUTURE!

Why you should attend? This is a great opportunity for you to explore your career direction by listening to what employers are looking for in their employees and how they promote their company culture. More importantly, there are open positions that they want to hire you for!

Who is all going to be there? Click here to view the list of registered employers.

How do I register? Click here to register.

Who can I contact for more information? Contact the Center for Career Design.


By Amy Edge
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